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Maintenance Plans for Commercial & Industrial Roofs in St. Louis

The goal for all property managers and owners is to protect their investments. Maintenance is the best protection you can get! A roof is a valuable asset that often is out of sight, out of mind.
Many people think, "Oh, it's under warranty," but even the best warranty programs recommend periodic maintenance to ensure the system’s integrity. A roof that is properly maintained can outlast the manufacturer’s warranty for many years.
We spend a great deal of our lives being protected from the elements by the roof over our heads, but it needs protection too! Environmental conditions play a large part in the life span of the roof system. Wind carries damaging debris across the surface, sun damages vulnerable parts, and drainage is crucial to all seals. Small steps taken routinely can greatly impact performance of one of the largest parts of your organization’s investment portfolio.
The Bartch Roofing Company team can evaluate your facility's roof for longevity and help you set a plan in motion to extend the life of your investment with regular inspections and repairs.

What Is a Maintenance Plan?

With a maintenance plan, the entire roof system is evaluated to establish the roof’s condition, and repair recommendations are made to ensure that the roof system is kept in good order. A schedule of periodic hassle-free inspections is generated to keep the roof system in good repair. Your bottom line will benefit from being able to plan into the future for replacement and limit the hassles caused by leaks that are due to lack of simple routine maintenance of the roof system.
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