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Insurance Claims

St. Louis Roofer Assisting With Insurance Claims

The disaster itself was enough to deal with; allow us to assist you when it is time to contact the insurance company.
Bartch Roofing Company has assisted clients with commercial insurance claims and has the professional expertise and knowledge to evaluate the extent of damage and to illustrate it to the claims adjusters.
Through evaluation and testing, our company has helped our clients to receive insurance benefits of increased scopes of work and has recovered total denials.
Here are a few examples of results we have helped our clients to achieve:
Facility Type Initial Insurance Determination/Estimate Final Determination / Settlement
Office/Warehouse Recoating $242,022 Replacement $696,522
Manufacturing Facility Replacement $673,120 Replacement $2,021,200
Office Building Denied Damage Damage Proved – Roof Totaled $192,626
Office Building Denied Damage Damage Proved – Roof Totaled $420,026
Storage Buildings Replacement $1,600,800 Replacement $3,262,702
Using industry-accepted engineering standards and methods in the determination of damage from storms, along with a solid history of insurance claims and repair experience, we achieve better results for our customers.
Methods of evaluation vary for different types of roof systems and conditions. Situations where a professional is able to assess hail damage and other storm activity soon after it happens are normally visual inspections. Gravel roof systems and aged roofs typically require more extensive review. Occasionally it may be necessary to utilize lab tests and thermal imaging to fully investigate the severity of the storm damage, along with visual inspection to determine the degree of repairs or whether the roof is eligible for total replacement. Working closely with engineers and claim adjusters, Bartch Roofing assists our clients in achieving the best possible outcome.