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Reasons to Choose a Slate Roof

Slate Roof
When it comes time to put a roof on your business, you have a lot of different options to choose from. To make the best choice for your needs and budget, research different roofing options thoroughly.
As you do so, don't leave out slate roofs. This material is a wonderful roofing option that comes with many advantages you won't want to miss out on.
Slate Is Very Long-Lasting
First of all, if you want a roof that is very long-lasting, slate is a great choice. While most roofing options can last a few decades, slate can last for 100 years. That means with slate, you could buy one roof and have it last you for your entire lifetime or the lifetime of your business.
Of course, as with any roof, you'll have to take good care of it to get that kind of longevity. But if you can put in a little work and maintenance, you can easily be rewarded with an incredibly durable roof.
Slate Is Versatile
Something else to appreciate about slate is its versatility. No matter what look or style you go for with your roof, you can achieve it with slate.
Slate comes in many different natural colors. You can choose a soft green, a rustic red, or just about anything in between. Slate roofing materials also come multi-colored for a truly unique look.
Aside from colors, you can get slate in different textures and degrees of thickness. All of these options allow you to fully customize your roof and to be in complete control of what the finished product looks like. Few other roofing options offer you that kind of customization.
Slate Can Increase the Resale Value of a Business Property
If you plan on selling your current business location and expanding to a new one at some point, a slate roof can be a great investment. Slate roofs are worth a lot of money thanks in large part to their longevity and strength. Thus, when a property has a slate roof, it typically garners a higher selling price.
Even if you don't have plans to relocate your business, it's still not a bad idea to add a slate roof. Things happen and change, and you never know what might occur in the future. Having the assurance that you can potentially get more than you paid for your business property can help you to feel more secure.
Slate Is Not Negatively Affected by Sunlight
Every roof has to be outside all the time, which means constant exposure to sun and the elements.
Unfortunately, a lot of roofs will fade over time due to their exposure to sunlight. However, this is never a concern with slate roofing.
Slate is a natural material that is made to be outside all day. Thus, no matter how much sun it sees, it is not going to change color or become sun-damaged in any way. If you want a roof that will look the same a decade after you've installed it, slate is the way to go.
Slate Is Waterproof
Just as sunlight cannot damage slate, neither can water in most cases. Slate is a very dense material, which keeps water from being able to permeate it. Because slate does not absorb water, you don't have to worry as much about common water-related roofing problems, like sagging and leaks.
This feature makes slate ideal for anyone whose business is located in an area that sees a lot of rain. 
With so many great advantages to slate roofing, it's a wonder more people don't invest in this option. If you'd like to learn more about slate roofing or other roofing choices, contact the experts at Bartch Roofing Company.