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Infrared Moisture Scans: Stop Roof Leaks in Their Tracks With Early Detection

Infrared Scanner

The unthinkable happened while working in the office on a rainy day — drops of water started landing on your desk. For any business owner, the discovery of a roof leak is not an experience deemed as a pleasant one.

However, it's also not a situation you can disregard and wish away. A roof leak demands your immediate attention and an infrared moisture scan may be just the solution you need.

Infrared Moisture Scans

An infrared moisture scan is a leak detection method that relies on a specialized thermal imaging camera that uses heat sensors to highlight areas of moisture buildup. Throughout the course of a day, the air surrounding the membrane layer of a roof will heat up, and as the sun sets, the air cools.
However, water doesn't react to temperature changes as swiftly as air, as water retains heat longer than air does. Infrared moisture scans are performed in the evening hours. When the thermal camera captures the image of the roof, the camera will pick up on the heat patterns generated by the water to highlight the source of the leak.
This type of scan is one of the most accurate measures of leak detection.


The ability to detect and pinpoint a roof leak affords you a number of advantages in both the short and long-term. Here are some of them.
Avoid Costly Repairs
Water leaks can lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs, on many levels. First, there is the structural damage that occurs throughout the building. As the water travels down, it will saturate the walls, floors, and any other structure it encounters. This excess moisture will lead to warping, buckling and it will cause painted surfaces to flake and peel.
However, what is even more costly is the damage you cannot see, such as the mold behind the wall. For a massive leak, mold remediation could cost tens of thousands of dollars. An infrared scan affords you the opportunity to locate the leak before it causes substantial water damage.
Maintain Energy Efficiency
Insulation is a long-lasting material with some forms lasting more than 80 years, but the lifespan of this insulation shortens when excess moisture becomes a problem. When a roof leaks, the water saturates everything in its path, including insulation. When insulation fails, during the winter, heat from inside the building will escape, and during the summer, the opposite occurs.
Heat transfer will require the building's heating and cooling systems to work harder, which will, in turn, lower the buildings' overall energy efficiency. Reduced efficiency means more wear and tear on your HVAC systems and higher energy consumption. A roof scan helps you avoid significant insulation damage and keeps the temperatures inside the building better regulated.
Minimize Safety Concerns
A roof leak is a serious issue, not just because of the amount of costly damage the collection of water causes, but also because of the serious safety concerns it creates. First, water that drips down to the floor will create a slipping hazard. If an employee or customer falls due to water leaking from the roof, the company could face a liability suit.
Water collection will also saturate materials like ceiling tiles. A wet ceiling tile falling on a person can cause serious bodily injury. As a business owner, you must provide a safe workspace for your employees, and an infrared scan will afford you this opportunity.

Take action if you suspect a roof leak. Your prompt attention to this matter will save you both time and money. At Bartch Roofing Company, we can perform a moisture scan to ensure you get the repairs you need.