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3 Areas of Your Commercial Roof to Focus on Repairing

It’s important to do continuous repairs to your commercial roof. Continuous repairs and inspections improve the safety of your roof. 

In addition, maintenance and repairs to your commercial roof can be written off as a business expense, if they cost less than $2,500 per invoice, and subsequently can be taken off your taxes at the end of the year.

Of course, when you replace your roof, you can't claim the entire amount all at once, and instead, you claim the depreciation amount each year over the lifespan of an average roof. It's in your best interest to keep your roof safe by having it routinely inspected and repaired. 

You can keep your roof looking great and within your yearly budget by focusing on the right areas of your roof. The main areas of your roof you will need to focus repairs on are the flashing, drainage and membrane.

#1 Flashing

Flashing is one of the most vulnerable areas on any roof, including commercial roofs. On commercial roofs with low-slopes or flat roofs, the edge of the roof is covered with a flashing system.

This flashing system is made out of metal. It is designed to extend down the side of the building where your roof and the exterior walls of your building meet together.

It is vitally important that the edge of your flashing is securely attached to your building. Flashing can become disconnected from your building by high winds. When this happens, water can get under the flashing and cause damage to your roof and to the inside of your building as well.

Flashing is often compromised before the rest of your roof is. If your flashing is loose or worn-down, fixing it is a valuable investment.

#2 Drainage

The second area where you need to focus your yearly roofing repair budget is your drainage system. Your drainage system includes your gutters, downspouts, scuppers and any other part of your roof that directs water away from your building.

You do not want water to gather and pool up on your roof. When water pools up on your commercial roof, it can cause the membrane of your roof to decline at a faster rate than it should. Pooling water can also weaken and damage your roof decking. These replacements can be expensive.

Pooling water can also create the ideal environment for algae and bacteria to start growing on a commercial roof. Algae and bacteria can damage the coating on your roof and cause the roof to break down at an accelerated rate.

This can be easily fixed by having the drainage system on your commercial roof tested at least twice a year. That way, any small drainage issues can be easily fixed before large issues develop.

#3 Membrane

You want to protect the membrane on your roof. The membrane protects your roof and keeps water from getting to the lower layers of your roof. Once that level of protection is broken, water is able to get into the decking. 

Once water gets into your decking, it can cause the decking to break down and even rot. This is serious. Your roof will need to be completely replaced if the decking is compromised.

When the decking is compromised, water can get into the interior of your building, leading to leaks inside of your building. This can damage your inventory and lead to structural issues.
This can all be avoided by having the membrane on your roof inspected twice a year. If any areas of the membrane on your commercial roof start to wear down, a roofing professional can easily fix or replace the damaged membrane.

Get your roof inspected by Bartch Roofing Company. Making small repairs as they come up will extend the life of your commercial roof.